Client: PZ Cussons

Task: Installation of 4 flow Meters

Creative direction: Global brothers Traders Limited

This project involved creating a recipe using a PLC and mixing a certain quantity of two ingredients in a vessel. The quantity is measured by the flow meters.  The two ingredients are palm oil and caustic . Each ingredient has it own flow meter calibrated to it   density in order to give mass . The quantity is set on the PLC . Once this is done the pumps for the two ingredent will start up and the two valves will open.  When the quantity as achived the flow meter will sent a signal to the PLC to stop the respective pump and close the valve.

The third flow meter was installed to measure the amount of palm oil being delivered by the transport trucks. The readings are then compared with a deep stick readings.   The fourth flow meter was used to measure palm oil coming from the storage tanks to the processing plant.